Friday, November 28, 2008

A new fiasco every day!

And todays is that I have been able to report a viral infection on the network drive here at the training centre.

The IT managers response?

Can I call you back... (he didn't even ask for the number though!).

The virus? Gadcom trojan - not too dangerous, but should never happen.

The antivirus? Symantec - and it is set to log the virus and do nothing more!

The location? A network drive accessed by all the people on the course, who are asked to use their USB drives... I'd hate to think about how easy it would be to infect all the drives coming along here, given the expertise of the users.

Interestingly the company ( have a policy on their site complete with a disclaimer, I think the disclaimer would not stand up in court though, especially given the seeming incompetence here!