Friday, November 14, 2008

Website design woes

Oh woe is me for I volunteered to do a website for a good cause (again!).

How familiar is this tale?

You offer to do something that you think you are good at - you know your offer is a veritable gift horse.  Then the person in receipt of said offer takes it and abuses it (and thereby you) in one way or another.  This happened to me with some years back.

You'd think once bitten twice shy.  But no, I have been and gone and volunteered again.  This time for my local Quaker Meeting.  I am nervous, but surely it CANNOT go wrong in the same way again, after all the Highest Authority is involved at some level!  And I do not mean ICANN!

Anyway, going to stop talking about it now in case this blog post gets me into deep water with someone who is involved, you never know, do you?  Anyone could read it so best I shut up in proper Quaker fashion!