Sunday, November 30, 2008

And (to complete NaBloPoMo)

I reckon I should use to remind myself not to enter NaBloPoMo next year!  Or, if I insist on doing so then not to enter more than one Blog to it.

What is  It is a very simple idea, a site where you register your email address and can enter messages in email format which will be emailed to your chosen account at some future date.  The date must be more than six months in the future, it is not a reminder or diary site after all.  I find it a good exampleof a very simple idea which has a simple, but popular appeal.

All the best ideas probably are simple ones, and this is a good example.

This post is also the last I have to make for this blog to successfully complete NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which I have ambitiously undertaken for two blogs at the same time as doing NaNoWriMo (National Noven Writing Month).  It's been fun, but (unless there is a massive outcry of comments insiting otherwise and offering bribes) from here on in posts will be less often than daily!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Information textbooks

Information textbooks - heard on R4 Home Service 29/10

I actually wanted to blog about this in more detail and a more considered approach, but it has, as you see, been on my "to blog" list since late October and we are nearly into December now.  So there it is, I was really impressed by the little I heard about it - it is like taking textbooks and wikipedia and extrapolating.  If I were working in a research or academic environment or studying it would really excite me.  Well actually it really excites me anyway, but hey, call me a geek!

Friday, November 28, 2008

A new fiasco every day!

And todays is that I have been able to report a viral infection on the network drive here at the training centre.

The IT managers response?

Can I call you back... (he didn't even ask for the number though!).

The virus? Gadcom trojan - not too dangerous, but should never happen.

The antivirus? Symantec - and it is set to log the virus and do nothing more!

The location? A network drive accessed by all the people on the course, who are asked to use their USB drives... I'd hate to think about how easy it would be to infect all the drives coming along here, given the expertise of the users.

Interestingly the company ( have a policy on their site complete with a disclaimer, I think the disclaimer would not stand up in court though, especially given the seeming incompetence here!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A geek networks (with people!)

Well... as a follow on from yesterdays post this is worth noting for posterity.

After discovering the insecurity of the network and the personal data and a myriad other issues on the computer systems at Twin Training.  After also attending to three or four sick machines, half of which I rescued and half of which I decomissioned (failed hard drive and borked W2K installation).

Well, after that and then making use of a day when my access enabled me to "relax" the only way a geek does after that (a spell of blogging, surfing, email etc).  After that I returned from a coffee break and just on impulse I tracked down the IT department hidden in the farthest recesses of the offices.

I introduced myself as a computer consultant on the Gateway to Work new deal program and enquired if they ever engaged people on voluntary work.  It was clear to me this would be the best use of my time there, but I was not sure if they could handle it.  I also felt I should tell the person who would come across the machines I had tended to, especially those I had decommisioned.

His first reaction was "Have you got a CV?" Which was fair enough, but I am not sure is the best one, I foresee "issues" ahead.  Howver the manager did give me his business card, and I shall make it my sample application for the process to apply to him, initially for voluntary work.  I am very unsure if this might not be the job from hell if I were to work there, but it could be a means to an end.  One cannot be fussy when one is out of work.

I asked if they had a data protection policy and he said they did and it is available online, so I'll take a look at that and suspect the trainers on the course are breaking it in many ways.  A fellow course attendee took the address since thay have a great idea about how to resolve the issue with a simple solution (simple to me anyway!).

I also arranged to talk informally with his colleague Rob, who is the person directly responsible for the computers I worked on and the likely colleague if I did work there.  We can only get together next Friday, which is actually directly after I finish the course so I guess that is good timing.

So - watch this space!  The networking may not be CAT5, and it is not something I am necessarily good at, but it could be a start.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things are looking up...

Gateway to work...

And I am blogging as a break from writing my novel during the "CV surgery" (I came on this course with five CV variations all ready to go).

It is interesting to note that I can blog and access my personal sites... But if Iwere, say, to attempt to browse the Gumtree jobs category then my internet browsing would be blocked!

The IT department (cue laughter) are in hiding and they have cunningly made sure there is no identifiable office or signage to find them. But I know they exist (and I know they are thick) because I disabled a borked Windoze 2000 box with a BIOS password - and when I came back the next day the IT department had equiped said box with a mouse (it had none the day before)!!

there is more - but I want to get back to my novel writing inbetween providing IT support at varying levels to all the other people in here fighting the system!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When Wi-Fi is not your friend

I made an interesting observation to someone today.

Wi-Fi can be highly undesirable. When? Well today for example I wanted to get on with writing something on my laptop. I had a lot of typing to do. I had very little time to do it in.

As it happens I sat at a table, with no Wifi connectivity (see previous post) and found I achieved far more in the limited time available than if I had connected and checked emails or found other distractions available to me.

So the next time you have something urgent to get done - consider turning off your wi-fi or internet connection, it can work wonders for your productivity and powers of concentration!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wi Fi Monday blues

So it is a Monday, but not any old Monday; oh no, this is the Monday i have to go on a New Deal Jobseekers mandatory two week training course.

Now your average Joe Blogs who knows no better might think this leads to a decent two weeks in a warm office environment with desks and computer access and facilities to hunt out the job you can nail.

Well, I hate to disillusion you, but think again.  The reality (and this is just the highlights, I could rant for england on this!) includes:-

- A cold office with only chairs and no desks (When I say cold I mean around the 14oC mark, cold enough for it to be a health and safety matter).

- No access to any wi-fi whatsoever, use of laptop may be restricted and any networking is expressly forbidden (not sure how they would feel if I had a card or dongle, but I can't afford roaming broadband so the issue does not arise).

- A total of about twelve computers (two of which broken) between about sixty job seekers.

- Access to said computers severely restricted and I have yet to test it, but will not be surprised to find some job search sites and my email are barred.

- No policy on cookie and personal data clean up (inexpert users beware!  click remember me and have the rest of the job seekers reading your own emails!).

- They actually stated they "TRY to comply" with data protection regulations!  I think that tells you all you need to know.  I did not let my memory stick out of my site when they wanted to take my CV from it!

- access to any job searching facilities or computers barred during break and lunchtimes.

- the guy running the first group I was in started his address to the group (and I kid you not) with statements like "I hate this f***ing job, I ain't gonna be here long, it is so f***ing cold in this s***hold you should all walk out..... .... they promise me the young jobseekers and they gave me you lot..." It went on, but I walked out highly offended to report him to management at this point.  To my knowledge he has had no reprimand or sacking (which is what he deserves).  His group did indeed walk out that very afternoon.

Sooooo I survived,  but as expected it had demoralised me and put me right off searching for a job in the niow very limited time I have to do so during my evenings at home!  My days are busy doing a course the government insists upon which will demoralise me progressively and intensively, remove me from the facilities to search for a job, expose me to foul language and abuse, etc etc.  I spent my lunch break checking out the wi-fi possibilities in the area, which are basically limited to the library and that is a good tenminute walk away, so I'd only get ten minutes to eat and a half hour on the internet.

One positive, I was not sanctioned for using  my laptop to take notes.

I have told them the IT department are incompetent and it should be a management priority to allow laptop users to have wi-fi for job searching.  They are basically a bunch of incompetent idiots who are overpaid (the government funds them at a rate of some £379 per capita for the jobseekers).

Some enterprising documentary maker should expose this - it would make fun viewing for me!

Comments welcome.

And if my jobseeker gateway advisor reads this, then sorry david, it is nothing personal!

Net result

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not exactly a geek out day, but one highlight...

Well, hardly surprising that the course of the day varied from my plans.  And pizza box builds are not top of my priority list, just that I do want to get my daughter a box to go with the CRT I recently reclaimed from the street for her and the keyboard and mouse she has already chosen.

But there was one blogworthy moment in the day that has a geeky side to it.

Occasionally I accept the randome marketing research calls that come my way for one reasn or another.  I was being nice to everyone today, so I took a call that turned out being even longer than the average.  But I managed to find my entertainment in it and I'll try to give a flavour of the best part:-

Lots of questions about TV and HD-readiness....

prompting answers based around the fact that my only TV set is a 5 1/2" Black and White portable!

How many TV's in the house? One
Where is the TV? Living room
How likely to buy another TV? No chance
Interested in Cable, HD, Satellite? No way.
... and so on...

Then they turn to another aspect:-
How many computers in the house? Eight, no six, no maybe seven and three other peoples... Lots (I'm a geek)
Are you connected to the internet?  Hell yes!
How long have you been connected?  Since the 'net was born, an early user of the Prestel predecessor.
So, more than five years?  Yes!
You have email?  Yes, how many would be more the question
How often do you check email, daily, weekly, monthly?  Hourly at least!
Do you join forums or sites or use chat?  Yes, I run them and build them!

You get the idea.  I imagine I skewed a few stats for them, since I have every intention to live with no TV whatsoever after they turn the old UHF signals off in 2012.  After all... it will leave that little space for one more computer!

And I am serious about not knowing how many computers I have - it is a toughie for a geek; because do you count those CPU's you have stranded in dead mobos or without a hard drive?  Are you going to count the fileserver not plugged in to keep the electricity bill down?  What about the bozen in the house friends left with you to fix?  The list goes on and on... it gets much worse if you take the old school view as to what a computer really is, because you average boiler, microwave, washing machine etc etc all have microprocessors that I could easily consider to be computers.

I was glad to give the researcher the odd laught though... And I felt quite proud to be a geek who does not watch a lot of TV!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today I was so not a geek

I guess you could sum it up by saying that my main achievement of the day was not any hardware assembly or software coding.

No, today I baked a couple of cakes.  Tomorrow my daughter and I shall take them to Meeting for Worship, where we will sell slices with the tea after meeting to raise funds for a garden which has been reclaimed from derelict land for people with mental health issues to use.

So I feel all worthy.

And tomorrow I am hoping to really geek out with a selection of motherboard pizza builds in my continued attempts to put together a scratch system for my daughter.

My nanowrimo novel is half finished, but the month is more than half gone so that's a bit daunting.

But onwards and upwards, as they say.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Freecycling and geeks

I'm not sure if I am atypical of the geek population at large, or if freecycling is a separate thing from being a geek (or not).

But two or three years back I built an entire computer from roadside discards - well the total cost of the Suse P3 build with CRT and 4GB hard drive was.... £2 (for the keyboard!).

That remains my most fun and proudest build.

Recently I picked up (yet another) CRT monitor from the pavement.  In this case it was pretty annoying that hey had dumped it screen down, scratching the glass, otherwise the screen is perfect and has no signs of browning out so is likely not even that old, or has been subject to no heavy usage.

It bewilders me how people discard entire systems when by and large everything is in working order!

I know no one has ever commented on this blog - but if any geeks or recyclers should pass by here - well I would be interested to hear what YOU think!

On Monday - wi-fi or no?

Watch this space on Monday.

I have to goon a JMA course (it's a UK bureaucratic nightmare) for two weeks with a 13 week renewal option (four months all told more or less, worse case scenario).  This puts me in a government funded training centre for my weekday daytimes.

I shall be taking my laptop(s).  The questions are;

- will I even be allowed to use my laptop (other than at lunch time)?

- will there be wi-fi access? 

My betting is no on both counts - to get any positive answer there will be quite the win for me.  As I said, watch this space.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fact of the day

I had to disable my Webcam software to enable my Thunderbird upgrade/install to work.

Weird, but true.

Apparently it is well known on Tbird support forums, but it was a new one to me.

Barely blogworthy - cost me two hours of my life so if this post saves even one person the trouble then it was worth it!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a geek wants (for Christmas)

If you're a guy how often do you hear the line "What can I get you for Christmas, you seem to have everything a man needs?" and how often do you find you have plenty of things you think you need?

For me at least I always find plenty of gadgets and gizmos, especially around this time of year.  And what self-respecting geek could ever not want just one more boxen?  Or find an add on like a UPS, or a SCSI drive attractive propositions?

Anyway, this is my latest obscure object of desire for Christmas and with my birthday approaching.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes you wish you had not opened your email...

Oh dear.  Unlike snail mail, when you open your email you seldome have a way of filtering the "good" from the "bad" messages so easily (who cannot spot the bills in their post!).

Today I got a sad message from a recycling centre where I did some voluntary work a couple of years back.  It was a really cool and forward looking project, they had a massive wormery helping compost etc.  I fixed up the Access database they had paid someone for to make it useful, or at least the report from it.  It was a fun assignment, not just seeing the place and what they were doing, but having to use a backwards compatible Office 2000 install for the database.  Access was not exactly "fun" I have to say, but I am always up for a challenge.

Anyway, back to the email - apparently they have not got funding to progress with the scheme towards getting it self-funding.  So they are closing.  Just the sort of thing this economic climate should NOT be forcing, but obviously is.  Big shout out to Nico at the Pepys Estate for his work (it was the setting for the documentary about "The Tower", life in a high rise council estate in London, which had a slight cult viewing too).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't degauss your Hard Drive!

If you look at the picture you can see I have a highly unusual two "heads up" display configuration, with the primary screen ABOVE the other, rather than the more usual "landscape" choice for extending the desktop (side by side).

There is one consideration to this that did not occur to me at first, but may be worth mentioning for anyone tempted to follow my example (it means I can be highly individual and have my taskbar in THE MIDDLE and neither top/bottom/left/right!).  This also explains the angle I took the shot from.  You realise the leptop hard drive is at the front of the machine commonly?  Well - IF that part is close to the coils that emit RF during the "degaus" process (which also happens at power up) then there is a slight possibility you could KILL the drive, because the magnetic field could cause a "head crash"!  I thought it worthy of a post as a caution since a friend mentioned the danger.  And I wanted to show off my middle of screen task bar.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reasons to take multiple backups

earlier today I was about to leave a friends place, where I had been working on my novel.

Before I left my host caught me and passed my my USB stick, saying you might have forgotten this.  Now in fact I had forgotten it, and thanked them for their thoughtfulness.

What they did not realise was that I had written a thousand or so words and they had not "safely removed" the device.

I suspect the cache was written anyway.

But fortunately I had posted the written content to a blog anyway, so it would be possible to recover if I needed to.

Just one example - there are many - basically one backup leaves you a bit open - you need multiple stratgies and you still hope you never need to call on any of them!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When family visits

I seem to allow matters geeky to take a slide, and to be honest it does not bother me.  I admit as me and my stepmother tucked into a fish supper last night I heard the laptop drive chatter and got a bit nervous about the state of the nation, but I think all was well.

I tidied away a bit, but was still very conscious of the number of computers on display and that it might intimidate some people... Of course, as I pointed out, some were being repaired for friends and not all of them were mine.  I guess the naked pizza box builds on my desk were a bit of a give away though ;)

Perhaps I am not a fully commited hard core geek - when other people are about I seem to adjust accordingly.

Or maybe it is just because I am trying to chill out about that website nonsense!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Website design woes

Oh woe is me for I volunteered to do a website for a good cause (again!).

How familiar is this tale?

You offer to do something that you think you are good at - you know your offer is a veritable gift horse.  Then the person in receipt of said offer takes it and abuses it (and thereby you) in one way or another.  This happened to me with some years back.

You'd think once bitten twice shy.  But no, I have been and gone and volunteered again.  This time for my local Quaker Meeting.  I am nervous, but surely it CANNOT go wrong in the same way again, after all the Highest Authority is involved at some level!  And I do not mean ICANN!

Anyway, going to stop talking about it now in case this blog post gets me into deep water with someone who is involved, you never know, do you?  Anyone could read it so best I shut up in proper Quaker fashion!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you a gamer?

Because if so then you must check this out! I hope the link works - just grabbed it from my blog!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geek heaven or hell?

Recently I was dropping my daughter and a friend back after a sleepover and I spotted in the house a laptop and an old style iMac.  I mentioned them in passing and it transpires they are both borken.  Being borrasic I mentioned I could fix them.  No sooner said than I left with them stowed in my boot and now have them parked in my kitchen for my attention...

I'm sort of looking forward to it and not - the iMac seems to have a dodgey mains lead so it hardware, the PC gives a BSOD after windows boot - so a Knoppix candidate (now WHERE did I put that CD?!)....

Errrr this was in drafts, a post that I did not hit publish on from years and years ago!

my oh my the tangled web

so I have another "secret" domain - and then I get one for an old chap I help out who grapples with email and has decided he can use a website...

I develop his site on my secret one...

I copy across...

All SEEMS good - so I delete the old.

then and ONLY then his trial site borks out on me!  I spend an hour trying to fix it - then realise it takes maybe half an hour to put on a fresh install.

Most annoying - what should have taken one hour took three and a half and another day goes by with no owrds added to my novel!  GGGgggrrrr

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comment "Luv" (sic)

Yes well - there is this thing called "comment luv" (cues old Queen track in head!)...

You may observe there is a "badge" icon lurking in the sidebar.  That is because I am registered there, with this blog too.  Fact is I gave them feedback that a Java script to use the thing on my Chyrp blog over at would not go amiss... so then I get the subscription emails and they have a contest... I search their site for a contact button... it throws up a post about putting the thing on Blogger (claims it is a fifteen minute job).

One hour later (and after correcting didgey badge HTML from them and "expanding my widgets" (Damn that sounds SO BAD!) )... Well after all that I have THIS blog registered (not the one I wanted) and I have the badge (a favour for them, obviously), but do I have the thing working here?


The offending code snippet I am pasting below (broken up so it will post I guess, blogger has no code quote block!!):-

< src="" type="text/javascript">< /script> < language="javascript" type="text/javascript">< !--//-->< ![cdata[//> < /script>

Now if anyone cares to comment and enable me to complete that process to improve my proficiency with blogger HTML and just maybe get a working java script onto my Chyrp blog someday (another favour to them).... Well then all they have to do is leave a comment with the answer.

It would be a first!

And I would LOVE it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are four domains too many?

well - I seem to have another one now - making four anyway.

Not sure if it was laziness gone mad - but I bought a fourth to test stuff with - and ideally I would like it search engine DEoptimized or "stealthed" but the nature of the internet is such that whatever you do it is likely to get random hits.

Just no one link to it please! Ever!  and of course I am not able to tell you what it is!  It feels like even talking about it will have those bots crawling it.... sometimes I do not like them spiders - just wanted that domain to be my own private site where no one goes...

Ah well - it would not be the internet without it I guess...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are three blogs too many?

Some of you will be aware that although this blog links to one other, that in turn actually links to a third "blog", though technically this could be described as a site and not a blog.  The third one is called "Fred Blogs" and is an adaptation of Chyrp I happily made in a few days to use as a tool to" "publish" my NaNoWriMo scribblings online as I write them.  I find this a useful tool to spur me on in my writings on the one hand.  On the other I believe it caused me two or three days delay in starting my NaNo efforts, because I had to do geeky fiddlings to get it just so in order that the book not only be online but be (in my view) legible.

I can tell from this experience that, for me at least, the addition of a third blog long term would be a blog too far!  But I know there are some who have this many.  I know I have yet to see a single comment on this Blogger blog - but it would be interesting to hear other opinions if anyone should comment now.

Incidentally, I have no tool for monitoring views on this blog, unlike the Didactic one.  Didactic view counts have grown to over a thousand daily perhaps - I suspect this is more in the lower hundreds at best.  Visitors are likely a tenth of this - so could one of the dozen or so readers here perhaps venture an opinion?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

on being a (proud) geek....

It just occurred to me as I sit in the hotel lounge (with my two laptops spread before me ;) ) that I may have given a bad impression with that remark in my last post... The one about considering hacking the WEP for wifi access in my room.

In fact I am no "black hat" hacker. No way would I do this just for the heck of it to show I can (as I imagine an inverterate hacker might). BUT I do know it is possible given the time and inclination. So IF I were to do it it would purely be for my convenience and I would be "ethical" and take no liberties of exploration to see my hotel bill or adjust it or anything like that!

I just wanted to clarify that small point. Now - back to my main clog and a little light googling to increase the fun of our returning journey (there is a cafe I want Daniel to set his satnav for!).

You know you need the internet when...

you find the hotel you are checked into has wi-fi... You even bought two laptops.... But the wifi is only in the hotel lounge and not in the room.... And it matters to you....

I have thought even about hacking the key for the wifi that DOES reach my room (it is their office signal) but I do not have time :(

Yes - I guess that makes me an internet addict!

But I am geek and I am proud of it. No appologies!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dark Matter

I should really "DIGG" this news - check it out!

For me this is sexeh science ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I cracked something

leaving the iMac matters to one side...

the XPS 1210 has been done and I will hopefully get paid something for that.

And more fun was had with me getting my other blog sorted - not the Didactic one but the one i made brand new for RC3 and linked off it - this is to hold a book I am writing this month so I had to tweak the theme to make it more readable.  I think I have it right now, you can check it out if you want an idle read - it is here

SODIMM is the word!

GRRRRrrr the iMac is so dim it needs the 184 pin and can only go to 512 added to the 512 to make 1GB. I am wondering though if that will be enough for OSX Leopard or if I have to run panther now - watch this space. Also the owner has balked at cost.

So maybe I'll try password recovery to get to angle to retain it just for fun to play with ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fireworks, Chyrp!, FORTH, and Sodimm

it may have been bonfire night and I may have had a stellar one which was fabulous for mydaughter and the select friends we had around.... BUT I did not neglect matters geeky!

I set up a Chyrp! RC3 blog to use for my NaNoWriMo book.

I populated it and adjusted it so that it displays in the order to read (fifo not lifo!).

I entered Open Firmware on the iMac G4 which was a trip down memory lane, FORTH and Assembler - like meat and veg to me!  The vocab seemed to be words but it all came flooding back....  AHHhhh memories!  I may have forgotten more programming than many young blades of the internet generation have learned!

And I badgered the iMac owner to authorise me to purchase Sodimm for it to take it from half to whole gig so that it can enjoy the OSX I am getting FTP'd I hope!

I think that is stellar too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do you know how long... would take to format a 320GB external USB IDE drive?  Well I after several attempt with jumper settings on older drives I resorted to this mammoth beast since I had to make on on a promise for a friend... I started formatting around eleven or twelve and thought I would stay up until formatting was done....

later around 6:30 am the job was done!

I was annoyed to discover the drive (purchased new from Amazon) came with a MBR and several other partitions (no data).  So it had obviously been used and returned - I may complain to them - feel I have been sold misrepresented goods.

But the long night was highly productive - I interleaved it with configuring a laptop i recovered (all those drivers to donwload!).  I blogged a little and messed about. I tidied to ridiculous extremes and found myself going through old boxes - found a Win98SE Cd from days gone by!   A load of crap to throw out... Then came the truly great find....

One of the reasons I had been going through external caddies and drives was to try to get back a picture from old data drives etc.  I could not find it and like I said the last two drives i tried seemed to have finally curled up and died.

Then I was tidying through old CD's looking for PowerDVD for the laptop.  i came across one I had burnt with pics on - the title was not one that made me think of the pic I was after - but i popped it in and LO AND BEHOLD - the pic I sought!  It dovetailed nicely since it was for the person I formatted the drive for - formatting ocmpleted wshortly after and I was able to put the pic there as a present also with the drive (I like to do such things, the personal touch - also when data is precious not only back it up but spread it far and wide if it is of this sort - makes a handy other form of backup!).

Just goes to show - best to look at what is in front of your nose before you search and get elaborate.  A similar thing - i went back to a shop thinking I mislaid the Torx15 kit - only to find it was in my BACK POCKET!  Must be losing my marbles!

I shall leave my tale of iMac woe for another post!

Monday, November 3, 2008

One day...

Maybe I'll get my desk back!

Meanwhile I guess it is a form of geek heaven - what makes me realise I am fully Geek realised is that I actually get attached to things when I am mending them and feel a sense of loss when my little "babies" return to the outside world... I'm especially attached to the PowerPC chip in the G4 iMac, the last of it's kind and a great architecture!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Piccies ....

Of the Apple iMac G4 with the baseplate off - revealing four Torx 15 anti-tamper screwheads!  the scredrivers are not onersouly expensive, asked a friend to borrow if he has one, but in both cases realising the recipient of my work may be a late or slow "payer" I am not proceeding without an advance to at least cover my costs!

Of the Dell M1210 when I have cracked the case (discovered the HD is dead, was fun though had to crack the password etc and it only just died during me recovering it!).

Hope they shell out - be criminal to let these not so old pieces of kit be junked for such relatively small system failures (esp. the iMac!).

Geek heaven or hell?

Recently I was dropping my daughter and a friend back after a sleepover and I spotted in the house a laptop and an old style iMac.  I mentioned them in passing and it transpires they are both borken.  Being borrasic I mentioned I could fix them.  No sooner said than I left with them stowed in my boot and now have them parked in my kitchen for my attention...

I'm sort of looking forward to it and not - the iMac seems to have a dodgey mains lead so it hardware, the PC gives a BSOD after windows boot - so a Knoppix candidate (now WHERE did I put that CD?!)....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

RC3 out!

... and I never even made it to RC2!