Sunday, September 26, 2010

php hacking and quotes

SOOOoooo the latest news on the Comm-Tech front is that we should be sitting pretty to help with the local councils IT refresh this year. And to that end I have found myself hacking a piece of php half way to death for an applet to quote the price and email us when they give us the numbers and details to collect.

I have almost hacked it back into life - it's a shame it was nice clean code until I came along!

I shall be emailing them with a data destruct invoice an at the same time I shall let them know about the web-app and we shall see if the orders come rolling in, it would be really good if they do and especially gratifying if my App works and helps with the process (esp. since it means they can raise the PO when they make the request, so we should have no delayed invoices and payments will help with our cash flow!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Email Ettiquette

Uh Oh:- I just finished a website complete with new domain based email address.... and during the process I sent a number of emails to the addie which were, how to put it, less than tactful regarding the site ownership and development.

And now the person who I assumed would be in sole charge of the mailbox, to whom the comments I made were appropriate, has left. The mailbox, however, remains and has been turned over to a rota of people to maintain, any one of whom would be perhaps upset by what I had to say (albeit mildly) I have no idea if she deleted the emails or not.

Although I have the power to go in and remove them myself that is simply not right.

There's a lesson here - and I thought I'd post it not just for the benefit of others but also to remind myself to watch what I email sometimes!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some big stuff...

I am hoping we'll be involved in the annual IT refresh for our local council....

There was a fifty off order recently which I thought would clear all our most venerable boxen.... but I am chasing screens at less than £20 a pop to make it....

Last but not least I am really hoping a mate secures a tender for many metric tons of REEE - and if he does that we can take a slice of the action....