Thursday, November 3, 2011

Richard Stallman

Alan met him! this had to be recorded for posterity - this and the fact he is so DOWN Ubuntu and actually so RIGHT to be so.... the troubles I have had with DRM for Ebooks alone means I cannot but agree and am so ashamed to be posting this from an Ubuntu box...

Must unearth my debian P3 and press it into service as my one of my remoting in boxen - then boot it when out of office and so give myself option for power down and use less on electricity bill... suggest we should have communal remote in box?

Other brain stormed ideas for work are how-to (pictorial) on using not standed screens as way to use up Eizos

a template for time wasting potential orders aftercare to provoke a put up or shut up but do not just say nothing!

Alan to ours for those pictures?

Take in my digital video cam as gift to comm-tech to keep this laptop by exchange

make links on this profile for my really neat nanowrimo site and new eclectic blogging - my profile update was a fail