Monday, March 9, 2009

Things are looking up...

bloody hell and this draft is over three years back!

Gateway to work...

And I am blogging as a break from writing my novel during the "CV surgery" (I came on this course with five CV variations all ready to go).

It is interesting to note that I can blog and access my personal sites... But if Iwere, say, to attempt to browse the Gumtree jobs category then my internet browsing would be blocked!

The IT department (cue laughter) are in hiding and they have cunningly made sure there is no identifiable office or signage to find them. But I know they exist (and I know they are thick) because I disabled a borked Windoze 2000 box with a BIOS password - and when I came back the next day the IT department had equiped said box with a mouse (it had none the day before)!!

there is more - but I want to get back to my novel writing inbetween providing IT support at varying levels to all the other people in here fighting the system!