Friday, September 17, 2010

Email Ettiquette

Uh Oh:- I just finished a website complete with new domain based email address.... and during the process I sent a number of emails to the addie which were, how to put it, less than tactful regarding the site ownership and development.

And now the person who I assumed would be in sole charge of the mailbox, to whom the comments I made were appropriate, has left. The mailbox, however, remains and has been turned over to a rota of people to maintain, any one of whom would be perhaps upset by what I had to say (albeit mildly) I have no idea if she deleted the emails or not.

Although I have the power to go in and remove them myself that is simply not right.

There's a lesson here - and I thought I'd post it not just for the benefit of others but also to remind myself to watch what I email sometimes!