Sunday, November 9, 2008

Are three blogs too many?

Some of you will be aware that although this blog links to one other, that in turn actually links to a third "blog", though technically this could be described as a site and not a blog.  The third one is called "Fred Blogs" and is an adaptation of Chyrp I happily made in a few days to use as a tool to" "publish" my NaNoWriMo scribblings online as I write them.  I find this a useful tool to spur me on in my writings on the one hand.  On the other I believe it caused me two or three days delay in starting my NaNo efforts, because I had to do geeky fiddlings to get it just so in order that the book not only be online but be (in my view) legible.

I can tell from this experience that, for me at least, the addition of a third blog long term would be a blog too far!  But I know there are some who have this many.  I know I have yet to see a single comment on this Blogger blog - but it would be interesting to hear other opinions if anyone should comment now.

Incidentally, I have no tool for monitoring views on this blog, unlike the Didactic one.  Didactic view counts have grown to over a thousand daily perhaps - I suspect this is more in the lower hundreds at best.  Visitors are likely a tenth of this - so could one of the dozen or so readers here perhaps venture an opinion?