Saturday, November 8, 2008

on being a (proud) geek....

It just occurred to me as I sit in the hotel lounge (with my two laptops spread before me ;) ) that I may have given a bad impression with that remark in my last post... The one about considering hacking the WEP for wifi access in my room.

In fact I am no "black hat" hacker. No way would I do this just for the heck of it to show I can (as I imagine an inverterate hacker might). BUT I do know it is possible given the time and inclination. So IF I were to do it it would purely be for my convenience and I would be "ethical" and take no liberties of exploration to see my hotel bill or adjust it or anything like that!

I just wanted to clarify that small point. Now - back to my main clog and a little light googling to increase the fun of our returning journey (there is a cafe I want Daniel to set his satnav for!).