Friday, November 21, 2008

Freecycling and geeks

I'm not sure if I am atypical of the geek population at large, or if freecycling is a separate thing from being a geek (or not).

But two or three years back I built an entire computer from roadside discards - well the total cost of the Suse P3 build with CRT and 4GB hard drive was.... £2 (for the keyboard!).

That remains my most fun and proudest build.

Recently I picked up (yet another) CRT monitor from the pavement.  In this case it was pretty annoying that hey had dumped it screen down, scratching the glass, otherwise the screen is perfect and has no signs of browning out so is likely not even that old, or has been subject to no heavy usage.

It bewilders me how people discard entire systems when by and large everything is in working order!

I know no one has ever commented on this blog - but if any geeks or recyclers should pass by here - well I would be interested to hear what YOU think!