Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't degauss your Hard Drive!

If you look at the picture you can see I have a highly unusual two "heads up" display configuration, with the primary screen ABOVE the other, rather than the more usual "landscape" choice for extending the desktop (side by side).

There is one consideration to this that did not occur to me at first, but may be worth mentioning for anyone tempted to follow my example (it means I can be highly individual and have my taskbar in THE MIDDLE and neither top/bottom/left/right!).  This also explains the angle I took the shot from.  You realise the leptop hard drive is at the front of the machine commonly?  Well - IF that part is close to the coils that emit RF during the "degaus" process (which also happens at power up) then there is a slight possibility you could KILL the drive, because the magnetic field could cause a "head crash"!  I thought it worthy of a post as a caution since a friend mentioned the danger.  And I wanted to show off my middle of screen task bar.