Thursday, November 27, 2008

A geek networks (with people!)

Well... as a follow on from yesterdays post this is worth noting for posterity.

After discovering the insecurity of the network and the personal data and a myriad other issues on the computer systems at Twin Training.  After also attending to three or four sick machines, half of which I rescued and half of which I decomissioned (failed hard drive and borked W2K installation).

Well, after that and then making use of a day when my access enabled me to "relax" the only way a geek does after that (a spell of blogging, surfing, email etc).  After that I returned from a coffee break and just on impulse I tracked down the IT department hidden in the farthest recesses of the offices.

I introduced myself as a computer consultant on the Gateway to Work new deal program and enquired if they ever engaged people on voluntary work.  It was clear to me this would be the best use of my time there, but I was not sure if they could handle it.  I also felt I should tell the person who would come across the machines I had tended to, especially those I had decommisioned.

His first reaction was "Have you got a CV?" Which was fair enough, but I am not sure is the best one, I foresee "issues" ahead.  Howver the manager did give me his business card, and I shall make it my sample application for the process to apply to him, initially for voluntary work.  I am very unsure if this might not be the job from hell if I were to work there, but it could be a means to an end.  One cannot be fussy when one is out of work.

I asked if they had a data protection policy and he said they did and it is available online, so I'll take a look at that and suspect the trainers on the course are breaking it in many ways.  A fellow course attendee took the address since thay have a great idea about how to resolve the issue with a simple solution (simple to me anyway!).

I also arranged to talk informally with his colleague Rob, who is the person directly responsible for the computers I worked on and the likely colleague if I did work there.  We can only get together next Friday, which is actually directly after I finish the course so I guess that is good timing.

So - watch this space!  The networking may not be CAT5, and it is not something I am necessarily good at, but it could be a start.