Monday, October 27, 2008

WOOOOoooo HOOOoooo - and on the 7th day there was BLOG!

OK, so persistence is a great thing. Especially when rewarded. I knew that in theory and with a clear headed approach all the goodness of my old blog could be rebuilt. And it has!

But it is better than that, because I kept alive the evil new broken blog too. Why you may ask? Well, next time I go for the upgrade I shall have copies of everything and shall see it working for myself and only then "switch" between the two. A simple idea, but it was a right pain to execute... I had to get to grips with the fact that my .htaccess files were being over written by the Cpanel redirecting - that was good to discover. Then I needed to introduce a one liner skeleton index.php at the domain level to point to the relevant Chyrp directory, last but not least I had to get the config.yaml files right. I think that was all? Oh no - yeah - had to have a RewriteRule in the htaccess and point it the right way from Cpanel too.

Invaluable in me finding my way was MisterBrandt over in the Chyrp! support forums. He wrote this minimalist guide which proved invaluable in enabling me to puzzle things out for myself. Now I am sorting and squaring away backups and deleting redundant tables etc - so all whall be ship shape and Bristol fashion for whatever I decide to do next (likely selective sidebar for registered users only)... I need to get to grips with theming too...

Well anyway, I have the infrastructure there now to facilitate this kind of thing. So we'll see.