Friday, October 24, 2008

Site traffic at

this is odd, but I just checked stats and the visits to my site have NOT dropped off dramatically, yet the bandwidth has! Maybe some people even like it better this way?

Well - on another check the visits are tailing slightly now too... In either case my present strategy is to persist with the slightly broken blog, not to use the site level backup except as a very last resort (largely due to the fact it is almost a week before the event).  More significantly, there is no reason I can see why it SHOULD not be possible to rebuild an RC1 environment at the same time as keeping the diodgey RC2 I have there now... then when I get it working right move contents back to it.

From there I get to have a go at moving to RC2 again - but this time I shall do it in a manner where I keep the existing stuff live (I hope!).  This would make the changeover like flicking a switch - you'll only notice because of the new goodies!

However, I seem terribly busy with *sigh* just LIFE stuff - and after what I went through blogging seems a luxury... so watch this space (again!)