Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I am happy with Blogger

this is almost a more considered and also expanded version of the previous post.  I feel the need for blogging, of course! and also feel a need to justify having a blog here at all when my main blogging should be "elsewhere"!

firstly - it has high availability and seems reliable (even if the outages to my prime blog are of mine own making currently sometimes that may be out of my control entirely, as was the case in the timescale and confusion of this outage!).

secondly - the secondary blog has found a place to host my tech content and (as we see) give "backup blog" when required.

thirdly - I have a friend here and can help them with widget and the like for their own blog

lastly - I can link back and forth between the blogs.

Perhaps I am essentially schizoid in my blog personae!  Who knows.  It is good as it has turned out, made a positive from quite a negative scenario.  Also has made me reconsider the timing of my upgrading, since I know most of my (admitedly small audience) is Stateside I shall perform my site editting during daytime GMT, making it the wee small hours and early AM stateside.

I think that is all on the reasons front.  To drift a little from the topic... my latest strategem for the upgrading of my site is to try a rolling back to the very first Chyrp! RC1 (which will likely NOT have video, music, or pictures!) then, add the things I did to make it "cool" so getting back to where I was on October 20th.  THEN TAKE FULL BACKUP!  then and only then try going to RC2 again, after first ascertaining how much of my extended functionality is available to me.  And to try to do this on a basis where I keep both releases and databases available to me.  I think I have a better understanding of what is going on here now and with the table changes and so on understood may be able to do this.

It is impossible for me to say WHEN I can do this - mainly due to a very busy "real" life with half-term and choral performances and writing a novel in November.  However, all of those subjects are not for this blog, but for the others one which, sadly, I like to write on less whilst it looks somewhat sad and does not support comments.  I should do something - postwise there now but I find I cannot manage both (I feel "blogged out" after one post!).  I'll try to backlink when I do and am ever hopefull that some of my posts there which link here may attract comments here for me - because this commenting will work.  That could be a fifth reason!  Which neatly brings me back on topic to close the post!