Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chyrp RC2 fail

Today I was asked "are there stairs in your house" in #Chyrp on Freenode.

'nuff said on THAT score.

Memes aside - I seem to have become a blogaholic to the extent that when my Chyrp upgrade from RC1 to RC2 failed and I had to ask for a site backup (bit drastic for a restor, I know - but I am keen to be a "useful" beta for Alex Suraci and help others suffer less pain on the upgrade.

The waiting on the backup has dragged on a bit, and seven hours or so is about my limit for IRC so, with my Chyrp! blog at didactic.me out of action I gradually gestated the idea to have a "vanilla" blog here in which I shall talk exclusively of Chyrp and matters, shall we say, gravitating towards the geeky.

If you are wondering what Chyrp does - well it blogs... and it can be used in many and varied ways - but it is young code and unbloated (which I tend to find Wordpress blogs to be).  I like it because I can code a bit and it gives me scope to do that in combination with writing (on the blog of course!) Which I also enjoy.  I'm not pimping my blog as the best example of what you can do with Chyrp! - in fact right now it is possibly the WORST!  Then again it IS broken right now.

I shall try to remember to post here if I find a site which I regard as a stunning example of it being used in a way that may not be to my exact tastes (hopefully that will be mine own).  The closest I can come to that right off the bat MIGHT be AlisonW's so take a look if you like.  She is pretty cool in herself - made a couple of extensions and might have more in the pipeline (that's how we came to be in contact).

This is probably enough for an openning post.  Because the next thing I am going to do is see just how much I get tied down by Blogger (probably QUITE a lot by comparison with the freedom I am used to).  This is in large part due to the wonderful Marmite Lover - who asked me to see if she could do a few things emulating my blog (before I borked it).

Got to find something to do when I cannot blog or tweak my site pending the backup!  And frankly starting this blog is a cheap way for me to have a secondary blog and try to keep any "geek creep" from infecting my blog... reminds me of the term future creep I just heard - a whole new take on creeping elegance!

PS - the dark theme is not entirely to my tastes, but is in tribute to the Chyrp! site, given the subject matter of the blog's inception.