Friday, May 4, 2012

Pangolins in profusion

A hundred of them to be precise.  And you get precisely one pangolin for your pound, or free with any purchase.

Business seems to be picking up, or is it just that I am keeping myself busy TRYING to make it do so?

More than likely also because we are at the start of a cycle for new internships, which is always challenging and all the more so because this time two of them needs special support.  Although one has a support worker the other seems not to, or perhaps she is just less supportive!

But I am starting to get the idea that I can see limits inherent to the Comm-Tech model.  Not only those from outside, like the need for active trustees who participate to bring us forward, but those  inside.  Primarily it is about communication and systems that support it.

I have long observed that IT tends to foster preservers of their own domains who are unable to share what they know and delegate.  But this is not the way forward - that was why the mainframe paradigm (or whatever you want to call it) died.

We are meant to be much more open we should be able to grow past this critical and small size; so it is frustrating not to be able to....

And to add to my anxieties there is a slight prospect of having to work alongside "the beast who shall remain nameless" and that is in direct conflict with my ethics and would rule us out of the BAAN E-stewards programme, which I would personally like to see us join!

But for now at least - it is a Bank Holiday and I should enjoy that!