Saturday, September 8, 2012

A new level of commitment

OK so this was the fateful weekend when I went the extra mile and paid the VAT myself!  I realise that is not very technical or geeky, but it has scared the pants of me to expose myself that way (financially I mean, that was a bad metaphor!).

More tehcnically... it feels sad, but we have detsroyed around 65 terrabytes of data, but by piercing the drives, making them impossible to reuse, which is especially sad when some of these are rather rare 500GB SCSI drives which would have been perfect for refurbishing aging servers to live a longer and happier life.

Ah well, I guess I have to reconcile myself that reuse is a harder row to hoe in this world than I thought it would be when I started in my job.  Or maybe I am just geting older and more cycnical?

Sorry for dearth of posts, not that nothing geekwirthy of note has happened, rather that too much has!  Highlights were meeting Marth Lane Fox at Go On 2012, and recording my own winkball... Not going to mention the change of IP subnet mask and suchlike they did whilst I was on holiday, not to mention the two new servers.... I mean progress is great, but so is like TELLING people and ideally in advance!  I was only out for two weeks so it must have been planned....

stopping now before this gets all whiny!