Friday, February 17, 2012

Con-Tech for teh future?

A period of ups and downs, with the highest up being the idea of simply offering a few tiers and giving them catchy names, hence we have Simply Silicon, Cheap as Chips, Savvy Surfer, and Deluxe Duo! Add to that you can open source your order for 20% off or bare-bones it for half price and you have our new marketing strategy - why we did not think of it a long time ago I have no idea!

On the incoming side we have managed to pick up a little with a client who has a little CSR going on, which is always gratifying, but then managed to loose out on a hundred screens and thirty printers due to throughput issues and Lambeth requirements - like buses they all came along at once, I must remember February through April is one of the busiest times for future reference!

We have just cooked up a hush hush plan to start a MFR and reclaim enough to make things sustainable - the only hitch is we do need about fifteen tonnes a week , which is a little challenging in terms the journey from where we are now!

Meanwhile I made my first attempted foray into the brokering of scrap world, but it's a tricky business to get assurance of proper handling and prevent possible exposure to costs - we know this stuff is valuable but it is like a closed world trying to get the dosh!

And on a side note I am hopeful there will be fruits form our ADISA membership, since they are slowly gathering steam as a professional body and Steve seems to recognise the value we have for him as members even though it is not immediately monetary (there's no way we could swallow the membership fees.

Last but not least I got the run around from Mercy but it has taught me valuable lessons about keeping clients adherent to our terms! The less said about that the better - it has been a while since I lost my cool with a customer, but she took me there!