Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top Secret

I had never expected to be considering this as a dilemma presented within my urrent employment, but here it is...

Due to work that came, ironically, from a contact I introduced myself, with a client in the field of "Conflict Management", and this in combination that the majority of their work is with the Metropolitan Police force, we are being asked to consider vetting of our profiles as they require it.

It's unlikely to be to home office levels, though the relevant documents are labeled Top Secret" and no doubt I should not talk about the contents of the form - even writing this blog post could in theory jeopardise my position, but that's a risk I am very prepared to take.

The subject had already been raised at a recent ADISA conference I attended so I am probably predisposed towards going ahead - but the fact is upon reflection I should much prefer it if I had someone working alongside me who could go through this themselves...... A suspicion of "the man" and selling out as part of "the system" remains a hard thing to shake....

The Jury's out which way this may go at the moment.