Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top Secret

I had never expected to be considering this as a dilemma presented within my urrent employment, but here it is...

Due to work that came, ironically, from a contact I introduced myself, with a client in the field of "Conflict Management", and this in combination that the majority of their work is with the Metropolitan Police force, we are being asked to consider vetting of our profiles as they require it.

It's unlikely to be to home office levels, though the relevant documents are labeled Top Secret" and no doubt I should not talk about the contents of the form - even writing this blog post could in theory jeopardise my position, but that's a risk I am very prepared to take.

The subject had already been raised at a recent ADISA conference I attended so I am probably predisposed towards going ahead - but the fact is upon reflection I should much prefer it if I had someone working alongside me who could go through this themselves...... A suspicion of "the man" and selling out as part of "the system" remains a hard thing to shake....

The Jury's out which way this may go at the moment.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Richard Stallman

Alan met him! this had to be recorded for posterity - this and the fact he is so DOWN Ubuntu and actually so RIGHT to be so.... the troubles I have had with DRM for Ebooks alone means I cannot but agree and am so ashamed to be posting this from an Ubuntu box...

Must unearth my debian P3 and press it into service as my one of my remoting in boxen - then boot it when out of office and so give myself option for power down and use less on electricity bill... suggest we should have communal remote in box?

Other brain stormed ideas for work are how-to (pictorial) on using not standed screens as way to use up Eizos

a template for time wasting potential orders aftercare to provoke a put up or shut up but do not just say nothing!

Alan to ours for those pictures?

Take in my digital video cam as gift to comm-tech to keep this laptop by exchange

make links on this profile for my really neat nanowrimo site and new eclectic blogging - my profile update was a fail

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my personal nightmare is in progress... see below.....

Rubbish, evidence, L proceedings
28 July 2011 04:47
Folks, S especially,

you know you have to sleep on something sometimes to remember what matters?

you know how you have to be told what the issue is before you can work that out?

WELLLllllll this morning I remember something

I remember coming in to work and I remember moving THREE recycle bags
out of the way to park my bike - I think this was the weekend before
A1 got back - do you remember A2?.

BTW I have not copied in Ilane on this email at this time having
nearly made her cry at work on Wednesday with the challenging nature
of her learning curve and my brusque and macho manner....

BUT - and this goes out to S and A especially I believe it is
ESSENTIAL this matter is shared in full with all staff. I had no
proper awareness until after you had left with the SWEEEP evidences of
the specifics of the allegations - I think we all realise now how
serious this is!

I have asked A specifically and he agrees we shall arrange all staff
meetings in future where something we do not want interns "in on" to
happen early or late so that we can cover VITAL stuff like this.

S - bon chance mate - keep me informed please - those evidence
notes and the fact you are not staff means it is my cojones and rep on
the line out there (so don't fuck this one up)

over and out - they say knowledge is power so now you know the picture
you are looking for and the three bags in question.....

sigh - if only the shredding issue had been discussed at a
meeting, ah well - easy after the event

... names and identifying features removed to protect the innocent

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My other present (birthday)

Just before Christmas I was registered as the owner of this site - what a nice present, though I had no idea it could be done, thought ICANN had issues....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a good Christmas!

A Bebook2 is not to be sniffed at, and I can read about it here (too busy to play with it so far, this will help encourage me!)