Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Blog traffic...

This is interesting.

My new blog has far lower traffic.  Yet my comments have increased many fold and are good ones!

I guess the moral of the story is that it is not about quantity, but more about quality.  It is highly gratifying though, since the driving force of my redesign was making comments both easier and more likely.  On the technical side the upgrade makes my spam filter (Defensio) effective and thereby enabled me to remove the requirement even to give name and email (never mind implementing Captcha, which I shall hold in reserve if spam ever does become a problem).  On the content side I am hopeful that the new literary theme will be more provocative for comments to come.

One niggle I can mention in this blog, being on blogger, was that I had to really frig with the profile blog setting (which annoyingly insists on ftp etc to try to trap you into posting from blogger; needless to say I do not do that).  Basically it is totally Blogger-centric, with an insistence on an address and page , defaulting to "http://anyblog/blankpost" or something.  Luckily for me the kind and considerate Lydia at Writerquake made a comment alerting me to the 404!