Friday, January 16, 2009


semi-geek post alert!

Well - the new blog is there, and it took it's time, BUT it is not yet stable, nor as I want it.  This is very frustrating for two reasons:-

My (un)friendly server guy takes it upon himself to tell me he is implementing at the weekend, then proceed to do so without warning on a Wednesday evening, which partially gives rise to the second frustration.  This means that I did some small tweaking and then lost it.  Worse still I have just found updates (luckily only a test post) that I made last night have seemingly vanished into thin air.  I cannot speak to him until tonight, but no doubt he took it upon himself to perform some sort of site restore, again with no warning.  It's hard for me to take any firm line or action on this because he provides the service free (though I do sometimes send him paypal donations for extra domains and hosting, which are usually generous).

The final Chyrp extension I wish to add worked once, before the sudden server move.  It is just adding a readmore link into posts, but I can see how that will enhance the blog and really want to get it working.  All attempts to get it to work again have failed - worse yet it feels like updates I make are not reliably going through.  I found a bad .htaccess readwrite entry and fixed that, but I think something else is amiss serverside after the move.  I cannot control this directly and am at the mercy of server guy (see above)!

It leaves me powerless and unable to go ahead with my primary blogging.  Also unable to make headway in the coding tweaking of the blog, which should be quite minor but is turning into a major trial.

I find it interesting when I try to detach myself how upset I get about this and how I cannot seem to detach and say "it's only a blog" and get on with my "real life"!

Then again I am having a minor swing into a depression, which I think is just partly January blues and the pressures of financial peril with my ongoing long-term unemployment.  Hopefully it is just a hypomanic depression and not a major one.  hopefully I canmanage it and get through it without majoy colateral damage.

And hopefully I can talk to server guy and we can come to a more friendly understanding!

Resolution of the remaining tweak to the blog may fall out of that, I need to try to take a cool logical approach and not let it annoy me so.  Also to be very methodical in how I work to debug it and stay focussed - perhaps interleaving work on the technical side with a little blogging once I have ensured there's some assurance anything I do will not get vaporised unexpectedly!  (Note to self, take backups of updates independent of server!).

Time will tell.