Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Yellow SPAM! and working in a warehouse of geekiness

so... another month gone by and it's been interesting on the work front.

I have lost track of the number of machines Ihave put together, suffice to say over a hundred; which averages out as perhaps five a day when I'm at work. But there's so much moreby way of geeky pleasures to be had that I feel really quite spoilt in that respect - as an example I have to assemble a tower with SCSI soon to wipe a server rack of 19 SCSI 36 GB drives. But the best bit is that every day is different.

And why the title? Well if you look at the previous post you'll see there's a comment (SPAM). BUT the weird thing is that, unbecknownst to BYTWITTERINGSPAMBOT then in my new work I spend about a third of my time working on bulk stocks of geekiness (from thousands of Optiplex P4's through to XEON servers, a host of laserjets, and even oddities like a dozen Emacs, which is a heavy item, believe me!). So I shall leave the big yellow ad spam there... it is a new kind of targetted twitter SPAM and it gives me something to chat with the lovely people at West Norwood about in the imagined idle moment(which never comes of course).

Oh yeah - and another good thing happened... I got paid! And that is not something to sniff at or take for granted. The real rewards are wanting to go to work when I wake and the sheer quantity of geeky goodness for reuse - far more than I can handle personally (so if you have an interest in any of it feelfree to comment and indicate what it might be!)