Sunday, February 22, 2009

Retail therapy

Ok so now I have an HP netbook 2133 to replace the laptop - graphics and CPU are modest as could be anticipated, no optical drive ditto... But what to expect for £200? Anyway, battery life is adequate unmodified and it gets me online... A neat sort of gadget

Another gadget added to my set is a Sony E-book I could not resist. Again £200 lighter, but I am hopeful this may effectively pay for itself over the course of four years in terms of E-books costing about 20% less than books at list price... now if only that reduced further I could be quids in. Let's just hope it outlasts four years heavy use!

At least the retauil therapy makes me feel less awful about the stuff I lost in the burglary.

Then again what with the replacement DS and the hotel and associate bills I seem to be facing a day of reckoning in excess of a grand... on the credit card.... and energy bills plus water rates are looming not to mention the car service....

Man, i need work!