Friday, December 12, 2008

perhaps I am NOT a Geek!

OK, so I today is my Birthday and leading up to that I have once or twice thought of things I would like - if I had the money to spoil myself with my own present....

One thing I have thought of is the ASUS eeePC or possibly the small format Acer (both seem to be getting knocked out very cheaply and since I recently had use of a Dell XPS 1100 I fixed for someone I got a hankering for a small format machine to go portable with).

Then yesterday I was in a queue for the checkout at Marks and Sparks and I saw they had the exact kind of leather jacket I would like to replace the one I have that is falling apart... But is costs £200 even after they knocked fifty quid off!  Anyway, the admission I have to make is that although I have bought neither I was MORE tempted by the jacket than either of the small format computers!

Can I still count myself a geek?  Maybe, but definitely NOT an Anorak!