Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Didactic update (lack of) CAPS LOCK DAY and mIRC chyrping

You may find this blog appars quite busy during the time I am waiting for my own blog to come back - than it will suddenly go quiet until such time as some tech issue hits me.

OK - I could be paranoid and be thinking along the lines of, “if you build it they will come”…. leading me to the feeling of “if you destroy it they will all run away”!
But I prefer to think that anyone who has been interested enough to visit the site might have a level of patience or possibly even a sharpened interest in what happens when my didactic site is recovered.  I’ve been waiting over 48 hours now… so I am no longer going to make any forecasts.   

enough silliness - below is a copy paste of an idea I want to remind myself which the StarDust theme author and I bounced around in Chyrp IRC - it will give me something to write up in the forums if I ever have an idle moment.

[05:28] yea, i run the latest git revision whenever possible
[05:28] i've been on hold over the past couple days
[05:28] due to the tag changes
[05:28] and BTW - you picked a neat IRC nick - keeps you way down the googling (unlike moi!)
[05:29] * Mainframeguy nods
[05:29] fixed now - you must be happy bunny
[05:29] but i usually crash test his releases as soon as they come out
[05:29] thanks
[05:29] not entirely fixed, i need to run the upgrader
[05:29] ah
[05:29] which isn't fixed yet
[05:29] ah
[05:30] you're making me nervous
[05:30] about attempting upgrade again
[05:30] i'd hold off until he completes the tagginator migration
[05:30] I see a few others looking good on RC2 no probs though
[05:31] yeah - so first visibility of that would be on download page? (I am quite the n00b)
[05:31] rc2 is probably fine
[05:31] git is even newer
[05:31] sorry, i misread from the beginning
[05:31] sure - but that is source level, right?
[05:31] yea, git is what he changes from day to day
[05:31] rc2 came out on oct 12
[05:31] I am pending on unix boxen
[05:32] so the one on is from oct 12
[05:32] remote host makes me avoid git
[05:32] I know I should get over that
[05:32] how long is it from git to downloads page?
[05:32] i just download the zip from github and use winscp to overwrite files
[05:32] I need to change my ways